BCI and Organic Cotton

BCI and Organic Cotton

Posted by Clayton Hunt on May 31st 2021

This Spring 2021 the price of Organic Cotton yarn has risen over 50% and the supply and scarcity of Organic Cotton Yarn has caused logistical issues around the world. To continue our mission of making sustainable cotton tees, we are changing the Style 200 by joining the Better Cotton Initiative or BCI.  The Better Cotton Initiative is Sustainably Grown cotton by farmers who use best practices such as minimal water and fertilizers to deliver premium Long Staple Cotton for our SoftShirts. This allows us to better control our price points in the Style 200 shirt styles and as the Organic sizes are sold through will convert to BCI Cotton - Better Cotton Initiative yarn throughout. 

Our Organic Cotton Tees are now listed as Style 400 and we have Style 402 Youth Shortsleeve and 420 Longsleeves.  In reviewing our offering we decided to focus these colors on the main sellers in this category. We are offering colors requested most which will help us focus our supply chains and keeping these in stock.

Originally, we brought Certified Organic Cotton yarn over to the USA to knit and prepare fabric for sewing and garment dyeing in Honduras.  Going forward all Organic Cotton Tees will be made in India.  We are finalizing our GOTS certification for manufacturing of these garments and we will be joining a large national wholesale distributor to offer our products Coast to Coast.

SoftShirts buys BCI cotton yarn here in South Carolina which is grown by Southeastern USA farmers. We knit and prepare for dye our fabric in North Carolina and send to Honduras to be sewn and Garment Dyed using Low Impact DyStar Dyes.

As you know this past year has had made business hard for everyone and supply chains have been turned upside down.  As we continue to grow we will do our best to offer you a superior product which is sustainably sourced to meet your needs and price points.  We have a lot of inventory coming as we catch up and continue to grow. Let me know any questions you have as we are here to do something better in every aspect.

Look out for us as there are a lot of big changes coming this Fall and some incredible new products we will be bringing to market for Spring 2022!  See you at the shows and thanks for your support.  You can reach out to me at clayton@softshirts.com.  All the Best.