Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Posted by Clayton Hunt on Apr 21st 2020

As we navigate these uncertain times, one thing is very clear...life is changing for all of us.  Everything has slowed down. The things we valued before have taken less importance as our focus has been our families and friends.  For the world, many are seeing clean air and water for the first time in years.  Nature is roaring back and in full bloom in a glorious Spring here in South Carolina.  Our family has taken advantage of this time to be outdoors and enjoy all that Mother Earth is offering and taking time to enjoy one another.

At SoftShirts our focus is producing a more sustainably made t-shirt.  We chose 100% Organic Cotton from India for its softness and sustainable practices of using less chemicals and water.  The Indian Spinning mills are Oeko-Tex Certified as they spin their yarns at the highest quality standards in the world using no harmful chemicals. Our Low Impact dyes are BlueSign certified which is the highest standard of practices in the industry. We use DyStar Remazol dyes for the most consistent quality and least environmental impact in dyeing. We sew our shirts in a WRAP certified sewing facility in Honduras which means our plant takes care of its workers and gives them an environment that puts them first.  

All of these choices are not the cheapest ways to make a shirt.  They are decisions we make to do what we feel is right and for the world we live in.  Anyone can make a shirt, but how many are focused on doing what is right for all of those involved?  We will never be a Hanes or Gildan, as that is not our goal.  Our goal is to give you quality that no other company can compete with for a price that is incredibly competitive.

As Earth Day comes around this year, take time to focus on what matters.  Know that we have one life and one environment.  When we push the earth to its limits, earth will always come back to get in balance.  Make choices in your day to day life that are good for you and for those around you.  In the end we depend on one another.  Be Safe and get outside and have a wonderful Earth Day.

For us Every Day is Earth Day!