What exactly is organic cotton? Why is some cotton softer than other cotton?

Basically, organic cotton is grown without ANY pesticides. Growing "traditional" cotton typically takes more chemicals than just about any other crop in the world – so much so that birds and bees won’t return to an abandon cotton field for up to 10 years. Organic cotton uses NO chemicals so the soil is never contaminated. No chemicals end up in the soil or surrounding water tables.

However, you cannot tell the difference between similar types of organic and traditional cotton yarn types just by feeling them. Better cotton comes from longer “staples” – meaning cotton grows differently all over the world and produces all sorts of quality variation. Imagine the same tomato seed planted in North Carolina and California. The tomatoes are going to look and taste different based on the soil, weather, elevation and so much more. The same applies to cotton.

The better cottons of the world have a longer staple as it’s called – or strand. It makes the fiber stronger, softer, more durable and even hold color better. For example – Pima and Egyptian cotton are known as some of the best in the world because they produce an extremely long staple cotton type.

At SoftShirts, we use all organic cotton with a long staple. We believe it has a positive impact on the environment and also provides a SOFTER, better cotton providing the softest shirt on the market.