Feel Good Tees

Feel Good Tees

Posted by Allen & Clayton on Mar 5th 2019

Why SoftShirts? Allen and myself come from two different backgrounds.  He started Southern Tide and built an incredibly impressive company specializing in Premium Preppy Apparel to Retail stores.  I started The Graphic Cow, spending 20 years screen printing and working on the wholesale t-shirt side of the Collegiate market. Our goal is to give you an incredible shirt at a great value.  

The current market is a race to the bottom for high volume cheap apparel. What passes for soft is another level of low quality goods pushed on the customer in new colors. Could we develop a much higher quality cotton fabric and bring an incredibly soft, superior t-shirt to the wholesale market?  You would think that should be a no brainer. It took us a while to create this shirt as we went all over the world testing yarns, working with factories and setting up a supply chain to manufacture the Feel Good Tee.  

You see, we are obsessive in quality, so we don't just put in an order and buy a shirt. We source the cotton and send it to make our special yarns. We then Knit and Dye our fabric to be sewn and ultimately garment dyed into your t-shirt.  It is a lot of small steps to make the product we have. Most mills would cut corners and cheapen the goods giving you what everyone else has.  Or it would be the opposite and you would pay double the price for the same shirt because of all the marking it up.  We hope you like our shirts as we took the best ideas we have had over the years and made a Boutique piece of apparel that we call the Feel Good Tee.  We hope it makes you Feel Good Too!

Allen & Clayton