Low Impact Dyes

Mar 4th 2019

When what you wear is as important as what you put next to your skin do you realize how important it is to know your shirts.  We partnered with DyStar Dyes to focus on the most Sustainable dyes in the marketplace.  The goal is to provide you with shirts that not only look and feel great but are better for the environment.  This means better dyes that use less water and energy to color your shirts.  80-90% of the dyes we use are in your shirt.  Most dyes used by other companies have 50% of their dyes wash down the drain and into the water system. Water and energy usage is reduced by up to 40% of normal dyeing and what you are left with is the highest level of quality shirts made today.  

Our shirts use DyStar Remazol Dyes that are BlueSign certified.  This means the manufacturing process and chemicals used are the most sustainable available.  Are your shirts safe to put on your kids?  Ours are. Something to think about.