Private Labeling

Private Labeling

May 20th 2022

Are you ready to take ownership of your brand? SoftShirts not only provides tees that fit and feel good, but we also offer high quality private labeling! Our pad printed neck labels give your brand that finishing touch. The product we create is the result of many small actions that ensures you get the best quality available. We call our shirts FGT…FEEL GOOD TEES! Not only do they feel great, but we hope they make you and your customers FEEL GOOD TOO!

What We Offer

Our team strives to truly allow you to “"be your own brand", while providing an unmatched quality in our shirts. We offer premium quality tee shirts that are 100% high quality cotton. You can genuinely feel the difference and feel good about what you're wearing because it is being produced sustainably with minimal pesticides and water. We offer multiple ink options with ink that stands the test of time and won't peel or chip away like other methods. Quality is everything to us!

The Process

Because we are quality-conscious, our sustainably grown cotton gets spun and processed into our own unique yarns. The fabric is knitted and dyed before being stitched and lastly, garment dyed into your final shirt. Our SoftShirts tear-away tags are carefully taken out and any remaining threads are snipped away for a clean finish every time. Once your design is in, we offer a quick turnaround rate averaging 7-10 business days.

When you dress your customers or employees in branded apparel, your company name and brand become visible to anyone and everyone. No matter what industry you’re in, the sky's the limit. You’ve put in the blood, sweat, and tears into developing your brand - now it’s time to take it to the next level!

Interested in private labeled SoftShirts?

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