Mar 10th 2019

Welcome to SoftShirts. We are focused on manufacturing using best practices and sustainable materials to produce ethically made tee shirts.  So what does that mean exactly? It means we start with the cotton. We use cotton grown from an area that uses the least amount of water in the world necessary for the production of its crop.  The farmers are hyper focused on growing pure cotton with less pesticides and have developed some of the finest practices for a superior product in the cotton industry.

The yarn is spun in an Oeko-Tex approved spinning mill. Oeko-Tex is the body that provides certification for Textile companies that use the highest level of safety in its oils, chemicals and processes for safe end use by the consumer.  

We then knit the fabric to exacting standards for a smooth tight fabric with minimal torque.  Our fabric is knit tubular to minimize waste in the cut shirt body.  Side Seam shirts create up to 30% more fabric waste compared to Tubular shirts. Unlike biscuit dough, once you cut fabric you are left with scraps you can't reuse. 

Once processed the knit fabric is whitened with hydrogen peroxide so we are left with a soft fabric ready to be sewn and dyed.  

Finally, we Reactive Dye our shirts using Low Impact dyes by DyStar for the most sustainable dyeing and shirts made.

We are proud of what we have created as there are cheaper ways to produce a shirt, but knowing that our families and friends and all of you are wearing them we want to feel good about what you wear too!